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Race hard tail mountain bikes usually have only a small amount of front suspension travel and are relatively light. This is achieved by using lightweight materials and construction in both frame and components. As a consequence, race bikes are often slightly less robust than other types of mountain bikes when used outside of their intended purpose. Their steeper head angle makes the frame more level for climbing and puts the rider into a more committed race style position for fast single track.
Orange Crush Pro
Orange 2021 Crush Pro
Orange Crush MX Pro Ltd
Orange 2021 Crush MX Pro Ltd
Orange Clockwork Evo R 29
Orange 2021 Clockwork Evo R 29
Orange Clockwork Evo R
Orange 2021 Clockwork Evo R
Orange Crush R
Orange 2021 Crush R
Orange Crush MX R
Orange 2021 Crush MX R
Orange Crush 29 R
Orange 2021 Crush 29 R
Orange P7 29 R
Orange 2021 P7 29 R
Orange P7 R
Orange 2021 P7 R


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